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to software issues like virus damage or operating system errors.

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Virus Removal & Internet Security

Virus Removal & Internet SecurityWe are the leading independent repair company in Ireland providing fast, safe and cost effective Virus removal. Virus infections are the most common problems we see on standard computers and laptops which come into our repair workshops. Viruses can slow down, damage or even prevent a computer from functioning altogether. They can be very malicious and can (unknown to the user) send information from an infected machine to somebody else on the internet. If a machine is infected by a virus it may be possible to simply remove it and the machine can carry on unaffected. On many occasions we find that when the Windows operating system is damaged, resolving the issue requires the repair and rebuild of the system to an “as new” condition. In this case customers’ data would be lost, so as part of the process a backup of all important information is taken before the reload takes place.

Viruses are evolving and emanating hourly so it is very important when protecting a machine against harmful viruses that regular updates for new viruses is conducted. This can be set up to automatically happen so that the user doesn’t need to be reminded of it. If a computer has an always on internet connection it is effectively connected to the whole wide network of the internet where it can in theory access all computers on it. This means also though that potential intruders can actually access this machine as well. For this reason it is strongly recommended that the machine gets protection by installing a firewall. Computers Unlimited are very experienced in these areas and offer a very fast cost effective solution for this service.

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