We can fix any desktop computer or laptop.

From physical problems like broken screens and dead batteries

to software issues like virus damage or operating system errors.

Apple Mac, iMac & Macbook Repair

We have the ability to repair any Apple products

Macbook, Macbook Air & Macbook Pro

Mac Mini & Mac Pro


Printer Repair

Printer RepairWe are the leading independent repair company in Ireland providing fast, safe and cost effective printer repairs. We offer a printer repair service for Laser printers, Barcode Label Printers including Thermal printers, Dot Matrix printers, Mobile Printers, Plotters and High End Inkjet printers.

Most manufacturers limit the warranty on their equipment to 1 year and after that it becomes very expensive if not impossible to get your printer repaired. We can offer a repair and refurbishment service and we can supply parts and original consumables for the vast majority of printers and manufacturers.

We can fix all of the following errors:

  • Perform Printer Maintenance
  • User Maintenance
  • Error 02 Warming Up
  • Error 10.10 Supplies Error
  • Error 11 Paper Out
  • Error 12 Printer Open/No EP Cartridge
  • Error 13 Paper Jam
  • Error 14 No EP Cartridge
  • Error 16 Toner Low
  • Error 18 MIO Not Ready
  • Error 20 Insufficient Memory
  • Error 21 Print Overrun
  • Error 22 I/O Buffer Overflow
  • Error 40 Bad Data Transfer

  • Error 41 Temporary Print Engine Failure
  • Error 41.3 Improper Paper Size Detected
  • Error 49 Critical Firmware Error Has Occurred
  • Error 50 Fuser Malfunction
  • Error 51 Temporary Loss of Laser Beam
  • Error 52 Scanner Malfunction
  • Error 54 Defective Duplexer
  • Error 55 DC Internal Communication Error Occurred
  • Error 57 Fan Error Occurred with the Fan Motor
  • Error 79 Formatter Error
  • Error 80 MIO Error
  • Fuser life low
  • Transfer belt life low
  • Drum life low

We can refurbish printers to increase their life span significantly thus improving the return on investment.

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