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Christina Campbell

My laptop was having problems shutting down properly and then wouldn’t power on. This was disastrous as files and software for my PhD were on it! The software would have been very time-consuming to replace, and I would have lost a substantial amount of work! I went to Computers Unlimited and they repaired it very quickly, keeping me fully updated throughout the process. I’m so glad to have my work back. I would like to thank them for helping me out and would definitely recommend them to anyone with a similar problem.

Christina CampbellDublin, Ireland
Les Kennewell

I recently had my PC repaired by Computers Unlimited and have to say as usual I was happy with the service. The price was reasonable and the repair was done quickly. I have being using Computers Unlimited for a few years now and always recommended them to friends

Les KennewellDublin, Ireland
Margaret Harold

I was having a lot of problems with my PC so I brought it down to Computers Unlimited. It could not be economically fixed so they gave me a great deal on a refurbished laptop and even put all my data on it so it was ready to go when I collected it. I have already recommended them to my neighbor.

Margaret HaroldDublin, Ireland
Dave Elliot

We used the services of Computers Unlimited to repair one of our machines that had gone down. Not all of the data was backed up so it was important to us to get this machine up and running again. We found them to be fast and reliable, and we were delighted with the service provided. We would have no hesitation to recommend them to any company needing a quality repair service.

Dave ElliotWebmetrics, Dublin, Ireland
David Alford

We used Computers Unlimited to resolve a screen issue with one of our machines. The service provided was quick and efficient and I’m pleased to see the machine working well again. We appreciate their efforts and assistance with this and would not hesitate to use their services again or to recommend them to others.

David AlfordShannon
Joe Ryan, Technical Director

We have been using Computers Unlimited for repairs to various LCD panels and other IT equipment over several years and we are very happy with the level of service they provide. The repair solutions offered are much more cost effective to the other alternatives available, such as replacing the entire unit, and we will continue to use their services in the future.

Joe Ryan, Technical Director
Sean O’Shea

After trying to install a piece of software to a flash drive, I accidentally installed it on the PC and formatted the HDD. Computers Unlimited came recommended by a friend and I was very pleased when they successfully recovered most of my data, as I thought it was all lost and had given up on it. Asking for more than they already did would mean to ask for magic! I would gladly recommend them.

Sean O’SheaDublin, Ireland

I used Computers Unlimited after they had been recommended to me and I can say that their reputation is well deserved. They fixed the screen problem on my laptop and had it back to me the next day. I found their service to be very quick and to the highest standard and the staff were even better. I would be happy to recommend them.

Leslie Redmond

When my laptop was not showing any image I brought it to Computers Unlimited who replaced the screen and returned it to me working perfectly. I have not had any problems with it since and would recommend their services.

Leslie RedmondDublin, Ireland
Michael Yeboah

I got a sound system repaired with Computers Unlimited and was very happy with the price and overall service. It was all done quickly as well which was an added bonus. I would definitely recommend them and will be back myself in the future.

Michael YeboahDublin, Ireland
James Maguire

This was my first time to get my laptop repaired with Computers Unlimited. They kept me fully updated at all times which was great and it is working perfect since. I’d certainly recommend them and I would use them again but hopefully I won’t need to!

James MaguireDublin, Ireland
Mark Coffey, IT Manager

Our voicemail system had a power short and wouldn’t come on. The only option our supplier gave us was to replace it completely, which would have involved considerable financial cost. We then came across Computers Unlimited. We were very pleased that they were able to successfully repair this for us and offer a much more cost effective solution to get it back up and running quickly. We would be happy to use their services in the future should the need arise.

Mark Coffey, IT ManagerInteractive Services
Agnieszka Maj

Computers Unlimited did a wonderful job fixing my laptop which was not charging and showing a distorted image on the screen. The repair was quick and with the added bonus of getting the machine delivered to me as well. I would gladly recommend them.

Agnieszka MajDublin, Ireland
Laurie Pitt

We used the services of Computers Unlimited in the repair of several monitors which had developed fault where they showed a picture for a split second, only to immediately go blank. We were very pleased with the work, which was carried out in a very professional manner – from the initial query and diagnosis of the fault, right through to the repair and collection of the monitors. We found them reliable, offering a fast turn-around time on the repair and would be happy to use their services again in future, as well as recommend them to others.

Laurie Pitt
Shirley Brown

On a Tuesday night, my latop died. In truth, it was murdered. A virus/trojan/whatever it was, completely infected everything. I was left with a blank, blue screen and nothing would work except a pop up telling me this or that was infected. And, of course, like most, despite the best of intentions to back things up, I hadn’t done that. Vital work and impossible to replace photographs etc were going to be lost. Wednesday morning, I took the laptop where I had originally purchased it only to be told that nothing could be done to save my data. Long story short, I found Computers Unlimited and life was sweet again. By Friday, my baby was home with all the data saved, and I didn’t have to re-mortgage either.

John at Computers Unlimited was professional, courteous, knowledgeable yet friendly and didn’t make me feel like “thick of the century” as some guys do. He explained everything and did nothing without my prior consent. Within two days, with the exception of setting things up the way I wanted them on my desktop and reinstalling the odd program, it was like this nightmare had never happened.

I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending Computers Unlimited to anyone. If someone, no matter where, tells you “there’s nothing that can be done”, ignore them and fast forward to Computers Unlimited. I guarantee you won’t regret it. They’re lifesavers and I can’t thank them enough.

Shirley BrownDublin, Ireland
Ray Goggin

I alsways had to use a wireless aerial to connect to the internet, as the wireless card has never worked and after someone else had sorted a virus issue for me, it would not connect at all. Other people have tried to fix it but couldn’t, so I’m delighted that I took the PC to Computers Unlimited who resolved the problem quickly and for a fair price. It’s now all working fine, no aerial needed and I am very happy with the service. Can’t recommend them enough!

Ray GogginDublin, Ireland
Jim Asbro

Computers Unlimited have done a great job repairing my laptop and I am happy to say I would gladly use their services again and would recommend them without hesitation.

Jim Asbro
Conan Moriarty

I brought my laptop to Computers Unlimited beacuse it kept overheating and I could not get it to charge, despite having replaced the charger. The laptop is now running better than ever. I thought their service was brilliant and very quick and would use them again. Happy to recommend!

Conan MoriartyDublin, Ireland
Gerry McCaffrey

My Macbook was going slow after downloaing Mac keeper and since then nothing else would open and all data appeared to be gone. Computers Unlimited did a great job getting the Mac back up and running and recovered all my data as well. I was very happy with their sevice and would definitely use them again.

Gerry McCaffreyDublin, Ireland
Prof. Tim O’Brien

When you depend, as we do, on computers, it is essential to have a repair company which provides an efficient and prompt repair service. Computers Unlimited has provided such an efficient service to us on a number of occasions allowing us to return to work with the minimum of delay despite the major problems our computers developed. We recommend them unreservedly for all hardware faults and information retrieval.

Prof. Tim O’BrienDublin, Ireland
Miriam Nagi

I was very happy with the service offered by Computers Unlimited. I thought it was excellent and I am especially grateful that when I went to see them in person and ask if they could have the laptop ready before the estimated date as I was under pressure from work they did it and got the laptop back to me sooner than expected and I would most definitely use them again.

Miriam NagiDublin, Ireland
Frank Boughton

We used Computers Unlimited for a repair to our Dell laptop which was refusing to go past the password screen when turned on. We are very happy with their services and would like to thank the team for solving the problem and saving all our data and photographs as well. We appreciate the help and would be happy to use and recommend their services.

Frank BoughtonDublin, Ireland
Howard & Maria Fox

Computers Unlimited fixed a HDD problem with our laptop and we were very pleased with their service and happy to say the laptop is working fine now. We were also impressed with their follow up call after we have collected the laptop from them. We would happily recommend their services to anyone who has computer trouble and need an efficient and professional service.

Howard & Maria FoxDublin, Ireland
Shane Cassidy

I have used the services of Computers Unlimited and I am very happy with the job they’ve done fixing my laptop. I have found the staff to be very courteous and prompt – they called back with updates and had the laptop ready for me to collect when they said they would. Knowing they are reliable is encouraging and I would use them again.

Shane CassidyDublin, Ireland
Gerard Kitson

The DC socket on my HP Pavilion laptop was broken and would not charge at all. After taking this to a local company I was told they did not have the tools to carry out a repair of the power connection but they recommended Computers Unlimited who were very fast in repairing the laptop and everything is now working perfectly. I’m very happy with their service and would trust them with any other repairs in the future as well.

Gerard KitsonCo. Meath, Ireland
Olivia Hillary

My laptop was taking more than 15 minutes to load the Windows and programs were taking very long to open. Computers Unlimited sorted all issues and backed up my data as well and now the laptop is running perfect. They offer a good and fast service and I would happily use them again.

Olivia HillaryDublin, Ireland
Roney Byrne

My Dell Inspiron laptop started giving a distorted image and I have used Computers Unlimited to fix this. Within a few hours of dropping my laptop into their shop I was informed of the evaluation results and the solution to repair the laptop and picked it up the next day. I found their service to be very satisfactory and fast and I would use them again and am happy to recommend their services.

Roney ByrneDublin, Ireland
Ron Elliot

I have used Computers Unlimited for the repair of my laptop and I was delighted with their service. Because I use the laptop for work I needed the repair done as quickly as possible and I was very impressed the staff as they were very helpful. They understood the urgency of the situation and resolved the fault on the same day. I have already recommended their services and would not hesitate to use them again.

Ron ElliotDublin, Ireland
Sheila O’Malley

I used the services of Computers Unlimited for the repair of my laptop which would not power on at all and I have to say that they offered a prompt and professional service, the staff were very pleasant and knowledgeable. I am happy to use and recommend their services to anyone.

Sheila O’MalleyDublin, Ireland
Alan Brady

I used Computers Unlimited for a screen replacement on my laptop after closing the lid on top of a mouse. The service I received was very fast and the pricing was fair. I had the laptop back the next day. Thanks for getting me up and running so fast!

Alan BradyDublin, Ireland
Tom Keegan

We recently had two faulty projectors, one of which needed an industrial clean and the other one which was displaying a more ambiguous fault. Computers Unlimited were able to resolve both issues, identify the fault correctly and resolve for it quickly for us.

The team at Computers Unlimited did an excellent job in repairing and returning the projectors to us. We are very happy with the efficient service we received, from the initial communication, the repair turnaround to the repair of the units. We would have no hesitation in using the service again if ever the need should arise!

Tom KeeganSpraoi IT, Wexford
Paul Walsh, Site Engineering Manager

Last year we were looking for a supplier to support our site engineering department with electronic repairs and came across Computers Unlimited. Once the expectations were set and agreed with the project team we sent a number of PCBs and an Industrial PC for repair. These repairs were carried out efficiently and cost effectively. The team at Computers Unlimited have continued to support us with numerous repairs. My aim for local suppliers with cost effectiveness in mind have been well met by Computers Unlimited and we will continue to work with as the need arises.

Paul Walsh, Site Engineering Manager
Pat Kelly, General Manager

We use the services of Computers Unlimited to repair and upgrade touch screen monitors for some of our POS System customers. Some of the items are from older legacy systems where good quality replacements are hard to find or unavailable. We find the reliability of these reworked items to be excellent and both ourselves and our customers are delighted with the quality and service provided.

Pat Kelly, General Manager
Colm Gallagher, Plant Maintenance Manager

We have been using the services of Computers Unlimited to provide repair and refurbishment solutions to us on items which fall out from our production facility.

These items have ranged from keyboards and touch screen displays to power inverters and we have found the overall quality, turn around time and general cost effectiveness to be excellent. We will continue to use the services of Computers Unlimited in the future.

Colm Gallagher, Plant Maintenance ManagerForest Laboratories, Dublin, Ireland
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